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Nov 04 2020

Consequences of Decriminalized Shoplifting in California

Guess what you get more of when you elect pro-crime Democrats? That’s right, crime. What do you get less of? Businesses, as well as both the merchandise and jobs that businesses provide. California has confirmed this by effectively decriminalizing shoplifting.

The Wall Street Journal takes stock of the consequences:

Another Walgreens store in San Francisco, the seventh this year, is closing after its shelves were cleared by looters.

Clerks watch helplessly in accordance with the policy that Walgreens has been forced to adopt as criminals walk out with whatever catches their eye. Serial thieves commonly work in teams to clear out the goods.

Better the store should be robbed than robbed and then sued.

Several retailers in the state have been sued by people caught shoplifting who claimed to be victims of racial profiling. Businesses understandably fear bad publicity and hefty payouts that may exceed their losses from the theft.

As for the thieves, even a wrist slap would constitute racist oppression:

Some large retailers including Goodwill, Walmart and Bloomingdale’s sought to punish shoplifters by requiring them to take a class in “life skills” to avoid a criminal complaint. The San Francisco city attorney then sued the educational company that provided the classes for extortion and false imprisonment.

As the erstwhile Golden State illustrates, you put the bad guys in charge, and the good guys become the bad guys, as far as the law is concerned.

In California, in short, trying to protect one’s property can be a criminal offense. Looters, on the other hand, typically go free thanks to a 2014 referendum that turned theft of property valued at less than $950 into a misdemeanor. Police stopped apprehending shoplifters because it wasn’t worth their time as thieves were released.

Sad as it is to lose California as a test case in a failed experiment in applied moonbattery, it would be sadder still to lose the whole country.

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