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Aug 30 2020

Countermoonbat Apparently Executed in Portland

When I mentioned earlier today that Black Lives Matter supporters are likely to engage in executions if they ever take power, I didn’t realize that executions may have already begun:

The man shot and killed in Portland as a pro-Trump caravan that began in nearby Clackamas wound down and altercations broke out was a “friend and supporter” of Vancouver, Washington-based Patriot Prayer, group leader Joey Gibson said. …

Andrew Duncomb, a conservative activist who was stabbed during a downtown demonstration July 29, also confirmed the victim was associated with the organization.

The victim reportedly did not have a gun.

The countermoonbat rally featured almost “1,000 vehicles, many of them displaying Trump, Gadsden and Thin Blue Line flags in addition to the U.S. flag.”

Supporting the President of the USA, American heritage, law enforcement, and America itself is now so provocative in parts of the country that it can get you killed.

Andy Ngo reports:

Whether they said, “We got a Trumper” is unclear. Other details also remain to be resolved. However, it appears that the left-wing political violence that has characterized the past 3 months has taken a great leap forward into straightforward murder.

Tim Pool puts this into the context of the lies being told about Kyle Rittenhouse and support for leftist terrorism by prominent Democrats:

Pool had better be right about Trump winning. Otherwise, the whole country could soon look like Portland and Kenosha. When the smoke clears, it will look like the Soviet Union.

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