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Jun 20 2023

Crippling Healthcare Cost of Illegal Immigration

Count bankrupt hospitals among the likely ripple effects of our treasonous government inviting the entire Third World to pour over the border. For now, taxpayers are absorbing most of the damage:

Illegal aliens released into the United States interior are costing American taxpayers, and the public hospitals they help fund, billions in unpaid medical bills every year, a report from Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee details.

Texas has been required to shell out up to $90 million per year to provide medical care to illegal aliens under its Emergency Medicaid program. Elsewhere,

In Florida, for Fiscal Year 2021, illegal aliens cost state hospitals about $312 million. Meanwhile, in Illinois, a statewide healthcare benefits program for illegal aliens has ballooned from a projected $2 to $4 million cost to what has now become a $1.1 billion program for taxpayers.

Locally, in Yuma, Arizona, executives with the Yuma Regional Medical Center said that in just one year, taxpayers were left with $26 million in unpaid medical bills from illegal aliens who showed up to the hospital requesting free care. …

[T]he Federation for American Immigration Reform reported that illegal immigration costs the nation’s hospital systems at least $23 billion annually — $8.2 billion of which is uncompensated medical care for illegal aliens.

If something cannot go on forever, it will stop. Under Democrat rule, this won’t stop until hospitals start going under, having been forced to absorb some of the massive cost.

Privately, Democrats will regard bankrupt hospitals as not a bug but a feature. They will help in the next incremental push toward direct federal control over who gets medical treatment. You probably do not belong to a group that will be prioritized.

In the meantime, “free” taxpayer-financed healthcare for undocumented Democrats via the emergency room provides de facto socialized medicine.

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