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May 18 2021

Crocheted Genitals for Trans Toddlers

To the reasons America is overdue for the reward Sodom and Gomorrah received we can now add crocheted genitals for small children whose parents are grooming them to be transsexual:

The “Bitty Bug Soft Packer,” according to Stitchbug Studio — which sells the pattern for the “soft packer” — is “for use by trans and nonbinary folks, or as an anatomical model.”

Bethany Amborn, who designed the viral pattern, said that she came across the idea for the Bitty Bug — which is especially designed for younger children — when she was looking for a pattern to make a soft packer for herself.

Sizes go down to 1 inch. It’s never too early to start molding a child into a trophy transsexual:

By grooming their children to be sexually deranged from the time they are toddlers, moonbats can guarantee they don’t grow up normal and healthy, which could lead to voting Republican.

Losing the Culture War to liberals is not an option.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.


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