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Mar 09 2023

Cross-Dressing Men Honored on International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. Moonbats marked it by honoring men, women having been erased in accordance with woke ideology, according to which they do not exist in any meaningful sense.

Once again the Biden Regime positions itself at the vanguard of liberal lunacy, this time by honoring a guy calling himself Alba Rueda at the 2023 International Women of Courage Awards:

Rueda is Argentina’s Special Envoy for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Rueda is responsible for the country’s adoption of the Transgender Labor Quota Act, which reserved 1% of public sector jobs in Argentina for transgender people, according to a State Department press release.

Thanks to Rueda, diversity hires that otherwise would have gone to women will go instead to men pretending to be women. For this, he is honored for having served women. Because all things liberal are upside down, backward, and mind-warpingly preposterous.

The sort of libs who place LGBT rainbows, mask and vax symbols, and of course the Ukrainian flag next to their Twitter handle are delighted to see this guy handed an award by Edith Wilson wannabe and noted brain surgeon “Dr” Jill Biden:

Okay, Troll Slayer is satire. But at this point, what’s the difference?

Moving from parody to self-parody, “Me too!” squeaks Canada’s squishy-soft pretty boy Moonbat in Chief:

In Moonbattese, the word “hate” can be defined as “failure to comply with woke ideology.” “Anti-transgender hate” means failure to affirm the artificial identities of people who pretend to be members of the opposite sex. To “stand up to this hate” is to crush resistance and impose submission.

Kira Davis aptly responds:

“Thank you, Prime Minister Blackface. Without a man to mansplain what a woman is, how could I ever know?”

Trudeau has been photographed wearing blackface, a thought crime would result in the cancelation of anyone but a prominent leftist. That may explain why he champions transsexuals, who insult women by wearing womanface.

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