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Dec 14 2022

Dead Guy Elected Chula Vista City Attorney

Ever since the dead helped JFK get elected in 1960, they have been known as the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency. At last they are getting the representation they deserve. From California:

The late Simon Silva, who passed away from cancer unexpectedly in September, beat out his opponent Dan Smith in the race for Chula Vista [pop. 281,801] city attorney.

You have to hand it to Democrats; they never give up on their candidates:

In September after Silva died, Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas and other Democratic party members came under fire for backing Silva’s run, after his death.

If the cognitively incapacitated Joe Biden and John Fetterman could be elected, why not a corpse?

Silva can’t be seated, since he would just fall out of the chair, so they are declaring the seat vacant, to Smith’s chagrin.

The city said the special election could cost up to $2 million and would be held in either April, May or November 2024.

By then, Democrats should be able to find a livelier candidate.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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