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Nov 28 2023

Deadspin Race-Baiter Attacks Small Child

The ultimate blasphemy against the moonbat religion is blackface, which harkens back to a more wholesome time, when Al Jolson was the most successful entertainer in America. The only people who have worn blackface in recent memory are prominent moonbats like Justin Trudeau, Jimmy Kimmel, and Joy Behar. This makes it hard for the liberal establishment to find sacrificial victims to immolate for this thoughtcrime. So they frame a little kid.

Shrieks the Deadspin headline (capitalization as in original):

The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress

No matter how obsequiously you pander to woke bullies, it will never be enough. The NFL is so obnoxiously left-wing that I wouldn’t watch a game if you paid me to (see here, here, here, etc.). The endzones actually feature leftist slogans, like something out of the USSR. Yet Deadspin screams,

The answers to all of those questions lead back to the NFL. While it isn’t the league’s responsibility to stop racism and hate from being taught in the home, they are a league that has relentlessly participated in prejudice. If the NFL had outlawed the chop at Chiefs games and been more aggressive in changing the team’s name, then we wouldn’t be here.

The Chiefs banned Indian headdresses several years ago as part of the liberal campaign to delete references to Indians from American culture because “racism.” But the game was in Las Vegas.

The Deadspin piece features a picture of the little boy we are supposed to hate in profile, so as to trick readers into thinking he was wearing blackface. Actually, one side was black, the other red, apparently to signify that he is a Chiefs fan; that’s why he was wearing the headdress.

As Outkick notes and Deadspin knows,

Fans have used double face paint during games to support their teams since the inception of sports. It happens at every stadium, in support of every team.

Outkick also notes the glaringly obvious:

No one in their right mind could seriously argue the kid’s intent was malicious.

In contrast, the intent of Deadspin Author of Color Carron J. Phillips was plenty malicious. That’s why the race-baiting propagandist goes on the Hate Hoax List.

On tips from Occam’s Stubble and KirklesWorth.


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