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Nov 07 2022

Dem Rep: Let Them Eat Chef Boyardee

“Let them eat cake,” Marie Antoinette allegedly sniffed, as the people went hungry, not long before she lost her head in a guillotine. “Let them eat Chef Boyardee,” echoes congresscritter Sean Maloney (D-NY), in response to the question of how families are supposed to afford food after his party has driven inflation into the stratosphere with grotesquely excessive spending and the war on energy:

The last time a ruling class was this flagrantly arrogant, Louis XVI was King of France.

Maloney is chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. No wonder the Dems are about to get their heads handed to them. So to speak.

After preaching that eating cheap rubbish like Chef Boyardee is “what families have to do” when their irresponsible rulers have debased the currency, Maloney listed ways Democrats will supposedly curtail the inflation they have caused: (1) impose price caps in healthcare, which will lead to shortages; (2) recklessly release still more oil from the strategic petroleum reserve in an attempt to temporarily compensate for what they will not allow us to produce; (3) raise taxes, which will push us deeper into recession; (4) waste money on green energy boondoggles, which helped get us into this mess; (5) further cripple energy companies after denouncing them for “price gouging”; and (6) blame Russia.

In short, make your purchases today, because your money will be worth even less tomorrow with Democrats in charge.

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