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Feb 04 2021

Exploiting Brian Sicknick

After relentlessly demonizing law enforcement for the past year, Democrats have finally discovered an LEO they admire: Brian Sicknick, an officer with the US Capitol Police who died following the riot on January 6.

Yesterday journalists dabbed away crocodile tears as Democrats staged an extravaganza at the Capitol:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer delivered remarks at a ceremony Wednesday morning, praising him as a “patriot” and someone who possessed “profound inner strength.” …

Sicknick is just the fifth person and the third Capitol Police officer to receive the distinction of lying in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, a designation for those who were not government or military officials.

We are led to believe that a rioter killed Sicknick by bashing him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Having been murdered by a presumed Trump supporter makes Sicknick highly useful for propaganda purposes. However, according to,

[W]hile we do not have the autopsy results yet, sources have advised that there are no indications that Officer Sicknick sustained blunt force trauma. This coincides with what his family said just days after his death, indicating that they believed he may have died from a medical condition. If our suspicion proves correct, then Officer Sicknick’s death was undeniably used as a prop for the sake of politics, and even worse, for the sake of political gain. …

[W]e hope politicians may pause for a moment—and cease the political nonsense and hollow rhetoric—and sincerely honor Officer Sicknick.

If you are looking for sincerity, avoid prominent Democrats like Cory Booker, who yelped:

“This great man was murdered. This crime demands the full attention of federal law enforcement officials, and anyone who still harbors doubt about what happened here on Jan. 6 should think of him,” Booker said. “It was hate. It was hate that brought terror to our capitol and the death of one of our sons…”

Calling it “hate” is part of the slight of hand by which a riot over election fraud has been transformed into an uprising of white supremacy. If only Sicknick could have been black…

“We must honor Officer Sicknick’s heroism and sacrifice not just with words, but what we do here in the coming days, what we do as a nation, how we all take responsibility in the aftermath of a horrific moment,” Booker said. “Officer Sicknick died for this country. He did not die in vain.”

By “this country,” Booker means “this government.” From his viewpoint, Sicknick did not die in vain because his death can be exploited to deny Americans fundamental liberties.

Sicknick deserves to be honored for his service. He does not deserve to be converted into the Democratic Party’s Horst Wessel.

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