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Aug 19 2022

Democrats’ Big Leap Forward

After communists seized control of China, Mao Zedong consolidated power with the Great Leap Forward, which plunged the population into abject poverty and killed an estimated 45 million people. Today, totalitarian control of the economy is pursued not through bloody revolutions but in increments, and not in the name of the workers and peasants but the climate, which we are expected to believe bureaucrats could control if only given enough power. This makes it alarming but appropriate that White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy would refer to imposing Democrats’ maniacal climate agenda through the preposterously named Inflation Reduction Act as a “Big Leap Forward”:

Note that even the stooges at CNN are aware that driving inflation into the stratosphere by printing and wasting hundreds of $billions on green virtue signaling will have no impact on the supposedly problematic temperature, if only because other countries are not slitting their own wrists economically out of sheer moonbattery like America is under Democrat rule.

Note also that Gina McCarthy is so delusional as to qualify as clinically insane, with her deranged duckspeak about a nonexistent clean energy economy. Our rulers are as not only as tyrannical but as divorced from reality as Mao. Unless we are able to put a stop to it, the Big Leap Forward will turn out just like the Great Leap Forward. Stock up on canned foods and maybe you will survive.

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