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Apr 30 2024

Democrats May Bank on 21st Century Slavery

The Democrat strategy is to confiscate money from whites and use it to buy votes from nonwhites. Don’t take my word for it. Prominent Democrats are basically stating it out loud:

Reparations activists want President Joe Biden to launch a commission on payouts for slavery-era abuses, saying it would drive the turnout of black voters in the swing states he needs to secure reelection in November.

No one who would be forced to pay the estimated $14 trillion (for now) ever owned a slave. No one who would receive the free money ever was a slave. The purpose is to inflict an updated form of slavery, under which whites create wealth so that the government can bestow it upon blacks in exchange for political support.

Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a reparations stalwart, and others say Biden should bypass Congress and use his executive powers to create a slavery payouts panel to put him over the line against rival Donald Trump.

Democrats don’t seem to have faith that refraining from banning menthol cigarettes (for now) will inspire blacks to turn out and vote.

They point to polling, which shows that in toss-up Michigan, nearly 60 percent of black voters who don’t regularly vote would be more likely to show up for Biden if he created a reparations commission. …

Researchers said a reparations commission could deliver Biden similar numbers of black voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other 2024 tossups.

However, the degree of self-hatred and suicidal stupidity required for whites to vote for their own enslavement and the bankrupting of their country would be prodigious even by liberal standards. Despite the impression created by the entertainment and advertising industries, blacks comprise only 13% of the population.

Democrats would be wiser to bank on massive election fraud. But low intelligence and lack of impulse control might allow greed to get the better of them.

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