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Apr 03 2024

Dems Push Trans Athletes in Face of Lesbian Oppression

Our liberal ruling class chides us incessantly about the oppression suffered by favored identity groups. Yet actual evidence of these privileged groups being treated other than with obsequious reverence is rarely provided. They have been forced to resort to fabricating hate hoaxes and “microaggressions” — until now. At long last, progressives can point to an actual instance of lesbian oppression:

A bearded transgender basketball player attending a Massachusetts private school who was seen in a viral video knocking down a rival during a game was allegedly suspended from a female rowing team for staring at a topless girl in a changing room…

If he is transgender, that means he is a girl. So if he stares lasciviously at real girls, he must be a lesbian — a protected class. Yet they dare oppress him.

The same 6-foot-tall student-athlete enrolled at KIPP Academy in Lynn, Massachusetts, participated in six different female sports, including rowing, volleyball, and tae kwon do, reported the Australian magazine Quillette.

The student, who is believed to be 17 or 18 years old, joined a female rowing team at a private club in Massachusetts in 2021, after allegedly doing poorly on the male team.

In the face of this oppression, Democrats press forward with the transgender agenda:

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers vetoed a bill on Tuesday that would have banned high school transgender athletes from competing on teams that do not align with their gender at birth.

That is, their real gender.

Republicans control the legislature and Democrats could not come up with the votes to prevent the bill’s passage.

Evers’s veto will preserve the progress of LGBTism in Wisconsin. However:

At least 20 US states have approved some version of a ban on school-aged transgender athletes.

Hang on, transgender athletes. Help is on the way from the federal government:

A proposal from the Biden administration to forbid such legislation is heading toward finalization this year…

Suggesting that liberals might have a sense of humor after all, they defend their attack on women’s sports by claiming that not letting men play in them is a violation of Title IX — which was intended to protect women’s sports.

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