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Aug 31 2023

Denver to Pay Black Lives Matter Rioters $4.7 Million

The showering of free money upon Black Lives Matter vermin as a reward for rioting isn’t limited to festering hellholes like Philadelphia and the New York. Denver joins in:

Denver will hand over nearly $5 million to protesters who participated in 2020 demonstrations after the death of George Floyd after settling a class-action lawsuit on Aug. 23 that alleged they were selectively targeted for violating curfew, according to the court document.

You want selectively targeted? Try the January 6 protesters who watched leftists riot throughout the country for months on end with minimal consequences, but then were thrown into solitary confinement for trespassing in the People’s House, their crime being protesting against election fraud rather than whiteness.

The lawsuit, filed in November 2021 by seven protesters, alleged that more than 300 people were arrested for violating the curfew. The settlement awarded over $4.7 million to the protesters and promised that the city would not enforce future curfews against persons engaging in First Amendment activity.

Note that the rioters are explicitly rewarded for breaking the law. The money comes from the pockets of the law-abiding.

Don’t expect this to apply if there is another Covid crackdown and people want to protest lockdowns and mask mandates.

Not even the most cretinous sociopath could fail to notice the bright green light. The objective of going out their way to encourage, facilitate, justify, and now financially reward rioters is obvious: our rulers want more riots. They need an army ready for strategic deployment, because next year is the big election — the one that decides whether we turn back from the path Barack Obama and Joe Biden put us on, or plunge over the cliff into national fragmentation and dysfunctional left-wing authoritarianism.

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2 Responses to “Denver to Pay Black Lives Matter Rioters $4.7 Million”

  1. […] antisocial behavior is unlikely to result in extravagant cash payments from the government. Florida isn’t Denver — although it would be on the way to Denver if Ron DeSantis hadn’t squeaked out a win […]

  2. […] Let’s hope they were escorted out with extra gentleness, so they don’t sue taxpayers for $millions like Black Lives Matter rioters. […]


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