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Oct 01 2023 Has Newspeak Dictionary Updates

Updates to the Newspeak Dictionary are inflicted not only through educrats in the moonbat fever swamps comprising academia, but on a more direct basis via mainstream institutions like LGBT activists celebrate the further corruption on the English language in subservience to their cause: has added eight LGBTQ+ terms to its latest official update.

These include:

diverse-owned: (adjective) (of a business) owned by someone who is part of a group historically underrepresented in entrepreneurship, such as women, ethnic or racial minorities, LGBTQ+ people, etc.

gay marry: (verb) to marry a person of the same gender.

polysexual: (adjective) noting or relating to a person who is sexually attracted to people of various genders, but not necessarily to people of all genders.

autoromantic: (adjective). noting or relating to a person who primarily feels romantic attraction to and desire for themselves, as opposed to other people.

At least psychiatrists dealing with the severely mentally ill might have a use for some of these terms.

The war on pronouns continues:

To make more inclusive, the website’s lexicographers rewrote entries to replace gendered pronouns with gender-neutral pronouns or to avoid using a pronoun at all.

Moonbattery is the offspring of postmodernism, a fundamental tenet of which is that “reality” is constructed through language, and thereby can be controlled by controlling language. Stand by for further linguistic perversion as social engineers reconstruct reality to reflect their ideology.

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