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Mar 10 2023

Drag Queen Legislator Attacks Sanctity of Confession

The liberal establishment has thrown its weight behind the LGBT agenda largely because it is a weapon to deploy against Christianity, which is viewed as an impediment to statist absolutism. Normally the rainbow assault on Christianity takes the form of forcing it to discredit itself by bullying churches into embracing sin in the name of “diversity.” Other tactics are comparably insidious, like the attack on the sanctity of confession:

After a Delaware state representative introduced a bill to abrogate the privilege between priest and penitent relating to suspected child abuse or neglect, the Diocese of Wilmington has pushed back that the confidentiality of the sacrament is a “non-negotiable.”

Breaking the seal of confession under any circumstances incurs automatic excommunication that only the Pope himself can lift. It has to be that way, or the centuries-old sacrament of confession would end.

The Diocese of Wilmington noted that in addition to the religious ramifications of the proposed bill in Delaware, it is also a “clear” violation of the First Amendment “for the government to interfere in this most sacred and ancient practice of our faith.”

The Constitution also represents an impediment to progressive objectives and thus must be gutted and rendered moot.

The proposed bill, HB 74, was proposed by state Democratic Representative Eric Morrison on March 2. If eventually passed, it would amend Title 16 of the Delaware Code relating to mandatory reporting of child abuse.

They start with child abuse for obvious reasons, but if this flies, it will be expanded to other crimes more important to our rulers, like “hate crimes” and tax evasion.

The next step after that will be law enforcement listening devices in each confessional, to make sure priests aren’t holding out. Priests cannot be trusted, because they might be narrow-minded bigots, Enemies of Democracy, extremists, et cetera. Some might even acknowledge a higher authority than Big Government.

Who would want priests arrested for not turning in penitents for what comes out in confession? This guy:

Eric Morrison is the first openly gay man elected to the Delaware General Assembly. He was one of three LGBT candidates elected to the General Assembly in 2020. Morrision, a graduate from the University of Delaware, won the Democratic primary for the 27th District of the House of Representatives against longtime incumbent Earl Jaques Jr., a Democrat who voted against same-sex marraige in Delaware.

Same-sex marriage is primarily an attack on Christianity. It serves no other purpose, homosexuals already having achieved officially acknowledged civil unions — as if monogamy characterized the gay lifestyle, which is infamous for the speed at which it spreads diseases like AIDS and monkeypox.

More on Eric Morrison’s triumph over Earl Jacques Jr.:

Jaques, who has sat in the Delaware House of Representatives since 2009, lost to progressive challenger, Morrison – who performs under the moniker Anita Mann. Morrison claimed 61.13 per cent of the vote in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for house district 27, while Jaques received only 38.87 per cent. …

Morrison’s campaign made it a point to note that the lawmaker “voted against same-sex marriage in 2013, and refused to vote yes or no on banning the barbaric practice of conversion therapy for Delaware’s LGBT minors in 2013.”

This “barbaric practice” entails providing psychological counseling to sexually confused adolescents rather than egging them on to embrace sexual perversion and gender dysphoria. In an intolerable violation of free speech, militant homosexuals have succeeded in getting such counseling banned not only in the moonbat dystopia Canada but in a long list of liberal states, starting of course with degenerate California.

Behold Eric Morrison, a Democrat drag queen taking the government sledgehammer to Catholicism:

Give power to people like Eric Morrison, what do you expect them to do with it if not destroy the traditional pillars of civilization?

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