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Oct 24 2022

Dylan Mulvaney Is Guest at White House

The say politics is downstream of culture. Actually, it is not so much a stream as a whirlpool — a vicious cycle spinning ever downward into the abyss. The degeneracy imposed on us from the liberal media establishment has rotted our national character to the point that we find people of Joe Biden’s caliber infesting the White House, where they place the imprimatur of the federal government on aspects of the culture they wish to promote.

In better times, American culture was represented by figures like John Wayne. Now, we are presented with Dylan Mulvaney, a guy who has obtained his 15 minutes of fame by spoofing femininity with gut-wrenching repulsiveness.

Interviews with President Joe Biden are very rare and difficult to procure.

Yet Mulvaney managed to snag one with the progressive youth-oriented news site NowThis.

The trans activist noted that President Biden had watched the “Days of Girlhood” series about Mulvaney’s transgender transition.

Here is what Creepy Joe evidently spends his time watching while leftist kooks systematically ruin the country on his behalf:

On behalf of the liberal establishment, Forbes picked this guy to represent womanhood.

To meet President Biden, the transgender activist wore an outfit featuring the colors of the trans flag, including white high heels and a pink scarf. …

Mulvaney said of the meeting, “I left with a lot of hope and optimism, not only for just trans people, but many different topics.”

Those of use who do not want to live in a culture personified by Dylan Mulvaney are left less hopeful.

Mulvaney said, “We’re going to clean up some messes that have needed cleaning for hundreds of years.”

These messes include respect for women, dignity, masculinity, and biological reality. Chirps Mulvaney,

“I want to be a mom one day — and I absolutely can!”

If we can’t reclaim our culture from this, maybe it’s for the best that our adversaries are heavily stocked with nuclear weapons.

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2 Responses to “Dylan Mulvaney Is Guest at White House”

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