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Nov 27 2023

Empire Strikes Back on the Emerald Isle

As predicted, the reaction to the reaction to leftists displacing the native population of Ireland with imports from the Third World looks to be draconian:

Following unprecedented rioting in Dublin on Thursday, November 23rd 2023, [former UFC champion] Conor McGregor took to social media addressing over 10 million followers.

McGregor made clear that he does not condone rioting, but his comments failed to comply with globalist ideology regarding mass immigration. Consequently,

For his “action,” the Irish police are investigating Connor McGregor for “hate speech” after his posts on X over the weekend.

Predictably, the moonbats in charge are following Democrats’ post-J6 template:

Irish justice minister Helen McEntee … stressed that police would scour around 6,000 [hours] of surveillance footage in hopes of identifying more outraged Irishmen to arrest. Forty-eight arrests had been made as of Sunday.

This does not happen in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter riots, which take place with the approval of the liberal establishment.

It’s nice to know that when Irish leftists restrict freedom, they are “doing it for the common good”:

Ireland’s not all that Irish but plenty gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar barks that new hate speech laws should be implemented.

When the pot starts to boil over, hold the lid down more forcefully.

Ireland has succumbed to leftism. Consequently, the country is dying. Given the Irish temperament, no one should be surprised if it doesn’t die quietly in its sleep.

Who knows? If there are enough Conor McGregors left, it might not die after all.

On tips from Wiggins.


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