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Mar 19 2022

ESPN Stops Spewing Moonbattery for 2 Minutes

Believe it or not, ESPN went 2 entire minutes on air without pushing left-wing propaganda. The context is less surprising. It was a protest in favor of the indoctrination of small children into deviant sexuality.

From likeminded Yahoo Sports:

With the start of the NCAA women’s tournament on Friday, two ESPN announcers used the platform to take a stand against Florida House Bill 1557, dubbed by critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

To start the second half of Friday’s game between South Carolina and Howard, ESPN’s Carolyn Peck and Courtney Lyle spoke about the bill in solidarity with their Disney colleagues. Disney owns ESPN.

Disney has been bullied by LGBT activists into opposing the Parental Rights in Education bill (or as liberals deliberately mischaracterize it, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill), which seeks to protect small children from being subjected to depraved sexual indoctrination in kindergarten through third grade. Literally no decent person who understands its contents would oppose the bill.

Lyle’s broadcast partner Carolyn Peck then introduced a moment of silence. …

Gameplay then started with Peck and Lyle declining to call the action for the first two minutes of the half.

No doubt this improved the viewing experience.

Even in a society succumbing to the rot relentlessly promoted by its degenerate ruling class, most Americans support the Florida bill. However, it is unlikely that many in sports media support it. In the Long March Through the Institutions, the conquest of sports by the radical left has been absolute. In place of patriotism, we see ballplayers kneeling as if in worship to explicitly anti-American Marxist scumbags as they loot small businesses and tear down statues of the Founding Fathers. In place of sportsmanship, we see a jerk pretending to be a girl ruining competitive swimming for all the real girls.

This moonbattery is driven largely by sports media. Physically inadequate to be athletes and mentally inadequate to work as proper journalists, many of the hacks comprising sports media seem to wallow in a resentful, safe-hating mentality that is a perfect fit for liberal ideology. Their obsessively woke viewpoint sets the tone for television coverage.

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