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Jun 10 2022

EU Mandates Coal-Powered Moonbatmobiles

As of 2035, Europeans will no longer be able to buy proper automobiles, but instead will be forced into inefficient moonbatmobiles, if they can afford them:

The European Parliament on Wednesday threw its weight behind a proposed ban on selling new cars with combustion engines in 2035, seeking to step up the fight against climate change through the faster development of electric vehicles.

It is unclear whether any adult actually believes that electric vehicles will stop the climate from fluctuating.

The European Union assembly voted in Strasbourg, France, to require automakers to cut carbon-dioxide emissions by 100% by the middle of the next decade.

Carbon dioxide allows plants to grow. Whether it has any significant effect on the temperature is in dispute. Whether there is anything wrong with the weather anyway is still more doubtful.

Conventional vehicles are also banned in California as of 2035, by executive order of the odious Gavin Newsom. Because fossil fuels are bad.

Meanwhile, the golf carts they want to force us to drive around in continue to be powered by coal:

Kooky liberal-approved energy sources will never suffice to keep cars on the road. The supposed war on fossil fuels is actually a war on transportation. People who can go wherever they want are almost as big a threat to Big Government as people who can say whatever they want.

On tips from Wiggins and Bluto.


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