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Jan 31 2024

European Union Newspeak Dictionary Updates

“Gendered language” is wrongthink. To snuff it out, the European Union introduces updates to the Newspeak Dictionary:

A 61-page document advises policymakers, legislators and the media to revise the order of common phrases such as ‘King and Queen’ or ‘brother and sister’ in which the male comes first.

Men must never come first. That would be sexist. In contrast, self-consciously placing women first is not sexist:

It suggests to ‘try swapping the order of these phrases sometimes’.

But don’t try swapping the order in the phrase “ladies and gentlemen” unless you want to risk getting canceled.

Bureaucrats say ‘Joe Public’ should be replaced with ‘average citizen’ and ‘no man’s land’ should be substituted with ‘unclaimed territory’.

Earn extra brownie points by saying “Josephine Public” and “no woman’s land” — or better still, “no nonbinary person’s land.”

Bad news for Star Trek fans:

The famous Star Trek line, ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’, is noted in the bundle as an example for which ‘women may be subject to invisibility or omission’.

Words do not need to specifically reference gender to be deleted:

It adds that terms such as ‘shrill’ and ‘pushy’ have ‘strong connotations that are strongly associated with only women’ and should be replaced with ‘high-pitched’ and ‘assertive’ respectively.

It says that ‘virile’, considered ‘strongly associated with only men’, should be substituted with ‘strong or energetic’.

Any negative term social engineers associate with women or positive term they associate with men constitutes thoughtcrime, because women are good and men are bad. If “high-pitched” comes to be associated with women in a negative way, that term too will be banned in favor of some other euphemism.

Before long, the authorities will have deleted so many words that an enumeration of permissible vocabulary will be no longer that a grocery list. We will be reduced to reciting leftist bumper sticker slogans. Some people are already there.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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