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Feb 13 2024

Experts: It Will Be Too Cold Because of Global Warming

The global warming hoax may seem farcical on the surface, but it is resilient. Someone points out that it is based on scientific fraud? Sue the unbeliever for $1 million. The climate gets colder instead of warmer? Have the Experts proclaim that cold weather is caused by warm weather:

In a matter of years, melting glaciers could shut down the Gulf Stream – the system of currents that brings warmth to the northern hemisphere, experts say.

According to liberal dogma, the melting glaciers are caused by your failure to do without reliable and affordable electricity and also to drive an electric car.

Without this additional heat source, average temperatures could drop by several degrees in North America, parts of Asia and Europe, and people would see ‘severe and cascading consequences around the world’.

The planet has a fever, High Priest Al Gore preaches. When you have a fever, you get chills.

Whatever the weather turns out to be, the Experts have it covered. Then globalist Big Government can step in to placate the weather with higher taxes and a lower standard of living for us little people.

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2 Responses to “Experts: It Will Be Too Cold Because of Global Warming”

  1. […] Lots of liberal hopes hang on climate change. After all, if temperatures don’t happen to trend warmer, global warming hoaxers will have to make fools of themselves by telling us cold weather is caused by warm weather. […]


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