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Feb 28 2024

Exposure of AI Moonbattery Costs Google $90 Billion

Devotion to moonbattery comes at a price — even for our Big Tech overlords at Google:

Google’s market value plunged by $90 billion on Monday amid controversies surrounding its new generative AI service Gemini. The ultra-woke AI became instantly famous for erasing white people from history, facing widespread mockery for not only its wildly inaccurate images, but also defending pedophilia and Joseph Stalin.

Google has been fanatically woke from the beginning. Recently, arrogance has caused it to reveal how much this matters, as it uses AI to erase Caucasians and defend raping children. Consequently,

Forbes reports that Alphabet stock fell 4.5 percent on Monday to close at $138.75, its lowest price since early January. …

Analysts said the controversies threaten to damage consumer trust in Google’s brand as an authoritative and unbiased source of information. This could have long-term implications for its core search business as AI plays an increasing role in generating search results.

With luck, people will wake up to the threat Google poses before it can further consolidate power.

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