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Feb 08 2023

Farcical State of the Union

I couldn’t bring myself to sit through the State of the Union. The actual state of our collapsing country under liberal rule is obvious. Even ABC News admits that record numbers of Americans are worse off since Biden et al. took power. Who has the patience to watch the vermin who are destroying the USA stand and clap for 5 minutes for every incoherent lie mumbled by a senile corruptocrat?

Daily Wire provides a SparkNotes summary:

The economy is booming, the border is secure, Ukraine is winning the war (they just need one more round of billions), climate change will kill us all, and Republicans are the divisive ones — not the guy who called 75 million Americans “ultra MAGA extremists” threatening democracy. Oh also, they think men can be women and that abortion is a gift from God to be protected. …

It was a campaign speech, not even pretending to be a State of the Union. He trotted out the same tired lines that we have all heard before. He even regurgitated lines from last year’s State of the Union.

The lowest point was probably when Biden attempted to exploit the killing of a black guy by five black cops under a black police chief in mostly black Memphis by implying that white racists were responsible. He even referred to The Talk “that so many Black and Brown families have had with their children” in an attempt to convince blacks and even the Hispanics pouring into the country that whites are somehow oppressing them. If anyone needs “The Talk,” it is white kids, who are vastly more likely to be subjected to racial violence, thanks to the cultural Marxism spread by reprehensible moonbats like Joe Biden.

This was alarming:

This was even more alarming:

Time to evoke the 25th Amendment and get Kamala Harris over with.

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