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Jan 19 2021

Female Impersonator Rachel Levine to Join Biden Administration

Biden has named Rachel Levine to a position in his administration. Because of course he has.

As Pennsylvania’s secretary of health, Levine is best known for two things. One is killing old people by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, while simultaneously pulling his own mother out of a nursing home so that his policy wouldn’t kill her. The other comprises his qualification to join the Biden Administration: he embodies diversity by going out and about dressed like Corporal Klinger. This is what makes his nomination “historic.” If confirmed by the Senate, he will be assistant Health and Human Services secretary.

It isn’t just moonbattery that we are headed into. It is a parody of moonbattery. The Biden/Harris Administration will be moonbattery taken to the last extreme of nauseating absurdity.

On a tip from Varla.


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