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Feb 28 2024

Female Prisoners and the Transsexual Agenda

Katelyn McGraw’s punishment for narcotics possession and bail jumping has been unduly harsh at Wisconsin’s Taycheedah Correctional Institution. She shares a bunkbed with Mark Campbell:

McGraw expressed extreme anxiety as she described her cellmate’s constant masturbating, sexual comments, and aggressive behavior, and she asked her [fiancé] to find out what exactly got Campbell locked up. …

To his horror, he stumbled upon The Daily Signal’s reporting from September 2023, a report that revealed Campbell to be a man who now identifies as a woman, who raped his own daughter, and is a registered sex offender convicted of first-degree sexual assault of a child.

Because Campbell says he is a woman, the authorities put him in a women’s prison, in accordance with liberal ideology.

Though McGraw’s punishment may be cruel, it is not unusual. These days lots of women are locked up with violent male criminals — including sex criminals:

More than 74 per cent of Britain’s transgender prisoners are behind bars for sex offences and violent crimes, according to government figures. …

Rhona Hotchkiss, a former prisoner governor, argued that in her experience ‘the vast majority of men who identify as transgender in prison did not do so before they came into contact with the justice system.’

For some reason, many violent male criminals prefer to be locked up with women. The preference is not reciprocal.

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