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Jun 20 2022

Fitting Celebration of Juneteenth

Jason Whitlock aptly calls this “George Floyd Day.” The supposed holiday today was contrived by quintessential RINO John Cornyn and friends to pander to this generation’s more radical answer to the Black Panther Party, and to reward its lowlife foot soldiers for spending most of 2020 looting stores and setting fire to other people’s property in the name of a career criminal who robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint and whose claim to fame is dying of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest.

Reward anything and you get more of it. This especially applies to violence, so it would be hard to imagine a more appropriate way to celebrate “Juneteenth” than this:

A 15-year-old boy was killed and three people including a cop were wounded after shots rang out at a social justice-inspired musical festival in Washington DC.

A total of four people -the dead boy, two adult partygoers and a cop – were shot Sunday evening near the intersection of 14th and U Street NW, where the Moechella music festival, a Juneteenth celebration, was underway. …

Video shared on Twitter showed revelers twerking on top of cars as shots rang out, forcing people to flee for cover.

That is the subculture we are called upon to celebrate today.

Cornyn et al. will be all the happier with their handiwork if events like this can be exploited to attack our right to defend ourselves.

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