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May 17 2021

Following the Pseudoscience on Schools Reopening

One reason the post-Covid recovery has stalled is that Democrats have resisted reopening schools so that people can get back to work, despite there being no reason for schools to have been closed in the first place. Some object to Biden’s handlers allowing notoriously work-adverse teachers unions to help write the CDC guidelines on reopening schools. But by following the unions, our rulers were following the science — or at least, the pseudoscience.

Kelly Trautner is Senior Director, Health Issues at the American Federation of Teachers. She is also…

…a certified yoga teacher and “Registered Karuna Reiki Master” (meaning she had mastered Stage III of Holy Fire of the pseudoscience which includes “healing past life issues” and “clearing cellular memories from the DNA”)…

Trautner called for teachers with “increased risk” for the ChiCom virus to be excused from the classroom. Based on CDC materials, this would qualify most teachers to stay home.

The CDC’s guidelines told schools to offer “remote work” options to teachers with “high-risk conditions that place them at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19”. A possibly narrower group, but seemingly incorporating the core proposal from Trautner and the AFT.

Trautner’s input was forwarded to the CDC by Carole Johnson, one of Biden’s three pandemic response coordinators, indicating that it was to be taken seriously. Regarding Carole Johnson’s background,

Johnson had been the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services. Johnson’s tenure in the scandal-plagued Murphy administration, which had forced nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients, and whose state-run veteran homes had become death factories, had been controversial

But at least she has a master’s degree in government, so she knows all about healthcare.

As for Kelly Trautner’s educational credentials,

Trautner, in addition to her energy healing skills, also has a BA in political science from Marshall University and a JD from Capital University. … It’s not clear what scientific or medical qualification Trautner has on health issues.

We see again that “follow the science” is liberalese for “follow the authoritarian dictates of clueless bureaucrats,” and that rule by leftists is rule by kooks.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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