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May 23 2023

Fox News Requests Bud Light Treatment

Leftists enjoy crushing their opposition in a full frontal assault in the tradition of Joseph Stalin, but when that isn’t expedient, they use the Antonio Gramsci approach of infiltrating and subverting institutions they oppose. Progressive bête noire Fox News is a case in point. The liberal establishment inflicted serious damage with the Dominion lawsuit, directly costing FNC nearly $800 million and forcing it to fire its #1 attraction. But the death blow that kills Fox will be delivered from within.

The Daily Signal has gotten ahold of a company handbook revealing that Fox News complies obediently with LGBT mandates, specifying that men can use the women’s restroom, can show up for work dressed in women’s clothes, and must be referred to with female pronouns if they so demand. Employees are encouraged to become transsexual through a “Workplace Transition Plan.”

The revelations [come] amid conservative consternation at Fox Digital’s use of activist language like “gender affirming care” in stories on its website, as well as the site’s consistent use of female pronouns for biological males like TikTok celebrity Dylan Mulvaney and swimmer Lia Thomas (formerly known as Will Thomas).

Imagine trusting a media source that arrogantly lies to your face, even when it clearly knows you know it is lying. This is the case when “journalists” refer to guys like Mulvaney and Thomas as “she.” They express open contempt for their audience and force you to wonder what else they are lying about.

It isn’t just a rule of thumb; it is an iron clad law. No outlet that knowingly refers to people by the wrong pronouns in order to comply with LGBTism can be regarded as a reliable source of information.

What now passes for journalism borders on a crime against humanity:

Fox also drew strong backlash for a June 2022 on-air segment praising a child’s gender transition as an “inspiration to others.” That segment briefly depicted California state Sen. Scott Weiner, a far-left Democrat who led the move to soften sex offender registry requirements for sodomy with minors, and highlighted the activist claim that a child might commit suicide if he or she is not permitted to transition.

The pernicious effect extends beyond the Fox News viewership to compromise conservatives in general. Matt Walsh and Steve Deace explain how:

Disney’s leftist propaganda outlet ESPN is particularly insidious because it circumvents intellectual defenses by disguising the moonbattery under a sugar coating of sports coverage. FNC is more insidious still, hiding the woke poison in conservative lite pablum.

Those who rock the liberal establishment boat soon end up over the gunwale — e.g., Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, and Glenn Beck.

Carlson had to fight FNC brass to get the eloquent opponent of LGBTism Walsh on his show. Walsh notes that there is “no daylight at all between Fox News and MSNBC when it comes to gender” and adds,

“If it were up to me, Fox would get the Bud Light treatment.”

Fox is even more vulnerable that Anheuser-Busch, having a customer base that consists almost entirely of people sick of being force-fed liberalism.

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