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Jan 16 2023

Francis Disgorges Foul Language at Seminarians

There is something unclean about moonbats, as evidenced by their excessive and inappropriate use of obscenity. Consider Pope Francis:

Seminarians from Barcelona say they were scandalized when Pope Francis reportedly used the f-word and other expletives at a papal audience in Rome.

According to testimonies from the seminarians, Francis ranted against “f***ing careerists who f*** up the lives of others.” The pope criticized “those who climb to show their a**,” the Italian media outlet Daily Compass reported [last] Monday.

It isn’t only his language that some find appalling.

The trainee priests were shocked when Francis also reportedly insisted that priests should never deny absolution to penitents in the confessional under any circumstances.

That means even if there is no repentance. As Aleister Crowley put it, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

Eyewitnesses describe how the pontiff, at the audience on Dec. 10, tossed his prepared speech aside, saying that “it would have been boring.”

Nothing boring about Bergoglio. He keeps us guessing as to what fresh blasphemy he might employ next to liven up the Vatican.

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