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Aug 01 2022

Francis Praises Cuba

John Paul II inspired millions by standing up to communism, a nakedly evil ideology that seeks to eradicate Christianity. Pope Francis has a different attitude:

“I love the Cuban people very much,” Francis said. “I also confess that I maintain a human relationship with Raúl Castro.” His reference to Raul Castro is like saying that although he loves the inmates in this prison, he gets along well with the warden responsible for their suffering. Adding to the confusion, the pope called Cuba “a symbol” and a country with “a great history.”

The most conspicuous feature of this “great history” is the communist revolution that reduced a prosperous country to one of the most miserable on earth.

The commentaries come a little over a year after the largest anti-government protests the country had seen in decades, asking for freedom from communism. The protests were so intense that many thought the end of the regime might be in sight. However, the communist regime brutally suppressed the peaceful demonstrations. Many protesters were subjected to arbitrary arrests, torture and draconian prison sentences. The Vatican and the West let that anniversary pass without commentary.

Western leaders are sympathetic to the Castro Regime, as they are in the process of inflicting similar systems in their own countries in the name of the climate. Francis apparently identifies with this Liberal World Order, if not with communist dictator Raul Castro himself.

Indeed, Cuba is a symbol. On the one hand, it symbolizes the continuation of communist tyranny, misery and brutality. For the West, Cuba is a painful symbol of its indifference and hypocrisy. Those who yet resist in Cuba are a symbol of Christian courage and long-suffering anticipating the day when they will be free to write the “great history” that awaits them.

Francis is a symbol too, personifying moonbattery and decline.

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