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Jul 27 2023

Free Fake Breasts for Transsexual Child Killer

They say the first casualty of war is the truth. That is certainly true of transsexualism, which like its progenitor postmodernism is grounded on the explicit rejection of objective reality. The second casualty is children. Jason Michael Hann, a.k.a. Jessica Marie Hann, provides an explicit example:

A sadistic man who beat two of his own infant children to death is now reportedly awaiting breast implants while at a women’s prison in California. …

Hann was first arrested after the remains of his 10-week-old daughter, Montana, were discovered stuffed in a tupperware container in Arkansas. …

Montana’s corpse had been in the plastic tub for approximately one year before she was found, and it was later determined that the baby had died of a fractured skull. …

When found, Hann and [his partner Krissy] Werntz were in custody of a one-year-old child who was reportedly on the brink of death. The infant had a number of severe physical injuries, including a dozen broken ribs, retinal hemorrhaging, bleeding under the skin, and internal damage.

That baby was saved. However,

A second corpse was then discovered, one belonging to a 6-week-old son Hann was found to have murdered by head trauma in 1999.

Hann was appropriately sentenced to death in 2013. However, this was in California, where Gavin Newsom suspended the death penalty in 2019. The accommodations at San Quentin must not have met Hann’s standards, because that same year he declared himself a woman.

SB-132, The Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act, formally established the right of inmates to be housed on the basis of gender identity.

That’s what passes for a “right” under liberal rule, while real rights like free expression and self-defense are denied. They had to move Werntz out of the Central California Women’s Facility to prevent him from killing her, as he was allowed in with the general population.

Since the Act went into effect, 357 male inmates have requested transfer to a women’s prison. According to Keep Prisons Single Sex USA, they had previously learned that 33.8% of the men seeking transfer to the female estate are known to be registered sex offenders.

For his crimes against society, Hann will be rewarded with an expensive operation to indulge him in his psychosis by installing artificial breasts.

Transsexuals are psychotic by definition, so it should not be surprising that so many of them are violent criminals. That society eggs them on in their insanity is itself insane — or evil.

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