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Nov 30 2022

Free Tampons in Men’s Room at Irish Parliament

The kooks who have taken over Ireland and are flushing it down the toilet into full bore leftist totalitarianism are not just a little wacky; they are certifiably insane. Their sick ideology has so thoroughly divorced them from reality that they believe men can menstruate. Consequently,

A tampon dispenser has been installed in the men’s bathroom at the government building of Leinster House, apparently in an effort to ensure gender neutrality for males who may be menstruating.

Leinster House is the seat of the Oireachtas, which is what Ireland calls its parliament.

This isn’t unique. Across the world, comparably moonbatty Oregon passed the Menstrual Dignity Act, forcing taxpayers to finance tampon dispensers in the boys’ rooms of every public school and college throughout the state.

Tampons have numinous significance for moonbats. Lisping MSNBC propagandist Melissa Harris-Perry, famous for proclaiming that children belong not to their parents but “to whole communities” (i.e., the government), is also known for wearing tampon earrings on the air. A feminist hotel in the District of Corruption called Hotel Zena features a portrait of deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg comprised of 20,000 hand-painted tampons. RBG, as her worshipers call her, is a goddess in the moonbat religion due to her reflexive radical left rulings and contempt for the US Constitution.

Back in Ireland, not everyone is enlightened enough to appreciate free tampons in the men’s room:

Is this a joke or what? World gone mad sadly,” one said.

Still more said the move was “more woke nonsense,” “woke on speed,” and that “Ireland has officially jumped the shark.”

However, a moonbat speaks for the ruling class:

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