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Apr 04 2022

Freelance Work Saved for Now

It would be one thing if Democrats were merely harmless kooks who in the privacy of their own insular world believe silly lies, like privileged identity groups being oppressed and electric cars improving the weather. The problem is, they will not leave other people alone. They may even ruin their lives by making their jobs illegal out of sheer moonbattery.

Fortunately, Biden and his party were dealt a setback in this regard when three squeamish senators who are trying to position themselves as moderates (Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly) nixed the appointment of hard left union goon David Weil to run the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Weil had the same job in the Obama Administration, when he sought to destroy the franchise business model and gig economy as Americans know them. President Biden nominated him for a second stint on the expectation that he would impose via regulation much of Big Labor’s Pro Act that has failed to pass the Senate.

The Pro Act is modeled on California’s devastating AB5, which largely makes it illegal to work as a freelancer. Big Unions, which play a major role in financing the cancer that is the Democratic Party, can’t impose themselves on freelancers.

California’s AB5 law reclassifying most independent contractors as employees was inspired by none other than Mr. Weil. And this may be one reason the two Democratic Senators from Arizona opposed his nomination. They’ve seen the headaches the law has created for business and workers next door, and they don’t want them coming to Arizona. More workers have embraced freelancing during the pandemic. So why would Mr. Biden nominate someone to a top Labor job who wants to kill their jobs?

Two reasons: (1) Biden is a stooge for the ultraleft, and Big Unions are at the core of the ultraleft; and (2) progressive strategy assumes that the more people are thrown out of work by leftist policies, the more dependent they will be on Big Government, the more likely they will be to vote Democrat — particularly when the tyranny is imposed at the federal level so that they cannot escape it just by crossing the border from California to Arizona, as so many have done.

These regulatory appointees will take on more importance as progressives turn to executive action to impose what they can’t pass in Congress.

That’s why the millions who rely on the flexibility afforded by freelancing to go about living the way they want to live are not out of the woods.

Democrats know from the disaster of AB5 that the Pro Act would destroy many lives. Yet they are trying to slip it through the back door anyway. What they cannot accomplish by Democratic means, they will impose surreptitiously through their massive regulatory apparatus.

These people want to hurt you. They are not going to stop because three senators feared a backlash. Virtually every other Democrat is on board with an agenda that could best be described as malicious.

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