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Aug 19 2023

Furry Attack on Public Beach

It’s a scene that could only happen in a society that has decayed into a freak show:

A fight broke out at a Furries meet up when a man was caught filming members of the group at a California beach.

Two people in black wolf costumes got into an altercation in Huntington Beach on Saturday after a man who was recording them refused to leave – with some commenters suggesting that he is a scorned ex-lover of one of the participants.

The incident, which was caught on video, happened at a Sunset Beach Bonfire ‘furmeet’ where hundreds of Furries were out in full force.

Furries are degenerates who identify as cartoon animals, usually for purposes of sexual gratification. Be forewarned that anyone who identifies as something other than what they are has mental problems, and people with mental problems can be dangerous.

Looks like it was the guy who got clocked with the bullhorn who was screaming “Oh my God” in falsetto, lending support to the spurned gay lover theory. Where are tsunamis when you need them?

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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