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Dec 29 2023

Gen Z Approval of Osama bin Laden

Until recently, Adolf Hitler served well as the personification of evil. But as Nazism fades into history, he has lost his relevance. He inflicted his horrors in a different age against different people. A more poignant incarnation of evil for current times is Osama bin Laden, the maniac associated with the terror atrocities of 9/11. These were witnessed first-hand by many alive today (including yours truly) and represent a threat that has only escalated since. That we now live under a Commander in Chief who opposed killing bin Laden is alarming — but not as alarming as this:

One in five young Americans has a positive view of 9/11 mastermind and Al Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden, according to disturbing results of a poll.

The alarming survey also found three in 10 Gen Z voters believe the views of the anti-Semitic terrorist leader who slaughtered thousands of innocent people were a ‘force for good’.

This explains how it is possible that demonstrations in support of Islamic terrorism could dominate the streets of the same city that saw the World Trade Center fall.

Why should we be surprised? Bin Laden shared a main objective with the leftists who control our schools and the media: to eradicate Western Civilization. As we have seen in the aftermath of October 7 Islamic terror atrocities, “anticolonialism” aligns naturally with Islam — at least until the common enemy is destroyed.

If we cannot even agree that Osama bin Laden was a bad guy, unity is not a short-term possibility. All we can hope for is to limit the power of those who have succumbed to leftism, prevent the media/schools from creating more of them, and counter the cancerous ChiCom tool TikTok, which has been instrumental in glorifying Osama bin Laden.

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