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Mar 13 2023

Genderqueer Witch Conducts Teacher Training

Children’s education has been subverted by weirdos:

A school district in Colorado hired a self-proclaimed “genderqueer shapeshifter” and “witch” to conduct staff training on “transgender” issues.

According to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Parents Defending Education (PDE), the Thompson School District hired Silen Wellington, a “transgender” activist, to conduct the training.

Agenda items included “ways to be inclusive of non-heterosexual orientations” — exactly what children need to focus on as Chinese communists race past us in math skills.

The training would also cover “sex assigned at birth vs. gender identity vs. gender expression” and “defining words such as: dysphoria, dead name, transitioning, intersex, asexual, aromatic, Two-Spirit, queer, nonbinary,” as well as something called “neopronouns.”

Instead of teaching kids the basics of biology, government schools teach them that biology isn’t relevant. Students will have to take remedial college classes to learn how to read and write, but at least they know their neopronouns.

Regarding Willington’s main qualifications to tell teachers how to teach,

According to the Epoch Times, Wellington practices witchcraft, blood rituals, “magical activism,” and polyamorous relationships.

Even some white people qualify as diverse.

Meet a genderqueer shapeshifting witch with a nail through the top of his/her/its ear who is helping indoctrinate children to embrace sexual depravity on behalf of the leftist agenda:

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