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Oct 18 2023

George Orwell May Face Memory Hole

George Orwell predicted where leftist politics would take us with such uncanny precision that it would be surprising if he did not foresee his own cancelation:

George Orwell was a “sadistic, misogynistic, homophobic, sometimes violent” man who wrote women out of his story, according to a biographer of his wife.

Anna Funder even implies that Orwell was homosexual, despite also denouncing him as a homophobe.

“So he’s a very complicated man. He’s sadistic, misogynistic, homophobic, sometimes violent, and also brilliant,” she told an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival while promoting the book Wifedom: Mrs Orwell’s Invisible [L]ife.

Nice of her to admit that Orwell was brilliant, but that’s not enough to save a misogynist from getting canceled — or as Orwell would put it in 1984, vaporized and consigned to the memory hole, so that it is as if the disfavored person had never existed.

Evidence for Orwell’s heinousness can be found right in the pages of his most famous book:

[W]riting a book like 1984, which is violent, misogynist, sadistic, grim, paranoid: that comes out of a writer’s flaws. …

“A decent, everyman underdog, the ordinary person that he might have wanted to be, would not have had those visions.”

If you see bad things coming, that proves you are a bad person.

As for the misogyny allegation,

“In his work he absolutely ignores women. He’s a misogynist.”

Julia is a central character in 1984. But it was misogynistic not to make her the main protagonist. This political defect has been corrected:

Wifedom is not the only book this year to reassess Orwell through a feminist lens. Sandra Newman has written Julia, which retells 1984 through the eyes of its main female character.

The only way Orwell can escape vaporization is for all of his work to be rewritten to comply with the ideology of the liberal establishment, just as Winston Smith rewrote old newspaper articles to comply with the current doctrine of Ingsoc.

On a tip from The Great Cornholio.


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