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Oct 30 2023

German Students Demand Gloryholes in Lecture Halls

To see what’s next as progressivism progresses, let’s plug into Bing Translator a German news story about students at the University of Augsburg demanding gloryholes in lecture halls:

“Three gloryholes are to be installed in the lecture hall center opposite the entrance, by the information boards. These are to be approved by the Department of Space and Construction and cleaned by the building management. In addition, they should be soundproof and opaque. The gloryholes should be designed to be as barrier-free as possible – the height should be adjustable, there should be wall handles that can be held onto. The lights should be dimmable and a possible knee padding should be installed. In addition, condoms, licking wipes, lubricants and disinfectants and wipes are to be provided free of charge in the gloryholes; trash cans are also needed,” the application reads.

The stated purpose is to reduce stress, but when use of the gloryholes inevitably becomes mandatory, it will be so as to display solidarity with the LGBT community.

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