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Nov 18 2023

Germany Affirms Right of Children to Be Molested

What leftists get ahold of is twisted into something disgusting and pernicious. This holds true of whole sectors of society, like the entertainment industry. It also holds true of concepts — like the concepts of “rights”:

The German Bundestag has accepted a petition outlining children’s rights which was drafted by men involved in a pro-pedophilia activist organization. Krumme-13 [K13], a lobby group which advocates for lowering the age of consent and legalizing child pornography, announced on its website that a resolution developed by the group’s founder, Dieter Gieseking, had achieved enough votes to be added to the constitution, or Basic Law.

A little background on a pioneer in moonbat “rights”:

Gieseking, a 68-year-old former Federal Border Guard official, founded K13 in Trier in 1993 and promoted the group as a “self-help” organization for “pedosexuals.” He has been repeatedly charged with the possession of child pornography.

His punishment for not only possessing but distributing kiddie porn has consisted of wrist slaps.

When it comes to degeneracy, what a society tolerates, it gets more of. Already Germany has deliberately placed foster children in the homes of pedophiles.

Pedophiles would like to capitalize on the appalling success of the LGBT movement:

Last July, K13 boasted that members of their group displayed a “MAP flag” during one of Europe’s largest Pride celebrations in Cologne. “MAP” is an acronym used in some pro-pedophile circles which stands for “minor-attracted person.” …

K13 endorsed Germany’s new gender self-identification law, stating that “trans kids” are “politically important” for advancing pedophile rights.

The American pro-pedophilia activist group Prostasia must be watching intently.

The giants who left us the Bill of Rights would not be surprised that one day a degenerate ruling class would reject free speech and self-defense as rights. But they never would have believed these rights would be replaced by the right of children to molested by perverts.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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2 Responses to “Germany Affirms Right of Children to Be Molested”

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  2. […] wants pederasty made legal in Germany. Pedophilia is next up for normalization after homosexuality and transsexualism […]


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