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Nov 11 2021

Global Warmist Jeff Bezos Buys Oceanfront Mansion

Our liberal elite rulers insist that we abandon our standard of living and turn over money and power to the government they control in the name of Climate Change. This ideology holds that harmless carbon dioxide emissions caused by human activity will make the weather too warm, which in turn will cause the icecaps to melt and the seas to rise catastrophically in the near future.

To gauge whether they take their own ideology seriously, consider the extravagantly expensive seaside mansions purchased by global warming evangelists like Al Gore and Barack Obama. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, owner of a highly prominent leftist propaganda organ, and jet-setter participant in the COP26 climate summit, joins the club:

Bezos may be creepy, but he isn’t stupid. He knows the global warming hoax is bunkum or he wouldn’t have bought the property.

The main difference between Covid and global warming is that at least with Covid, there really is a disease. Climate Change is complete BS. Yet liberal elitists plan to exploit it to impose even greater hardship and tyranny.

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