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Mar 10 2023

Green Energy Moonbattery Will Cost You Big

In accordance with their religion, leftist social engineers want us to use heat pumps. Their reasoning:

Based on the same technology as refrigerators, the air pump pulls heat out from outside air and into the house, and can be run on renewably generated electricity – making them carbon neutral.

Carbon neutral — assuming that electricity can be produced without generating CO2.

A tale of woe from the UK demonstrates how heat pumps work out in the real world:

A man who replaced his heating system with a £25,000 Government-backed ‘green’ heat pump says he has faced “crippling” electric bills – amounting to almost £3000 so far this winter. Officials are currently providing grants for up to £5,000 to home owners who remove a gas central heating and hot water system and replace it with a heat pump.

Laments Steve Mason,

“This year so far alone, my electric bill has reached £1461 after the government help and my direct debit each month is £650 – it’s crippling.”

This is despite his home being so cold that he has to wear multiple layers of clothes. He has been burning wood for heat, which as he points out, “completely defeats the object” — unless of course the objective is not really to reduce harmless CO2 emissions but only to posture emptily.

Mason wishes he could just rip out the heat pump, but…

“I have no choice but to use it as it’s my only source of heating and hot water in my house, but what we’ve found is that we don’t think the government have really thought this through.”

In contrast, Mark Mills has thought it through. He concludes that the renewable energy future moonbats rave about is “just not happening,” no matter how much money is wasted on it:


United States electricity prices are rising rapidly, up 18.1 percent over the last two years. Renewable energy advocates claim that wind and solar installations produce cheaper electricity than traditional power plants, but power prices are rising as more wind and solar is added to the grid. In fact, electricity prices are soaring in leading wind energy states.

Uncoincidentally, for the past 2 years we have been under the thumb of fanatics whose figurehead promised to abolish fossil fuels.

The same applies to Europe under moonbat rule:

In Europe, the nations with the most wind and solar capacity deployed, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and Sweden, experience the highest residential electricity prices. Residents of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania, where few renewables are deployed, pay half as much per kilowatt-hour as the leading renewable countries. Denmark and Germany have deployed over 1,600 watts per person of wind and solar, the highest density in Europe. Electricity prices for Denmark (29 eurocents per kilowatt-hour) and Germany (32 eurocents/kW-hr) are the highest in Europe, and two and one-half times the prices in the US, where renewable penetration remains lower. In Europe, like the US, wind (and solar) deployments raise electricity prices.

Those who inflict green energy moonbattery don’t pay its high price; we do.

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