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Feb 19 2023

Green Energy Plant Has Spewed Toxic Smoke for a Week

East Palestine, Ohio isn’t the only ecological disaster the liberal establishment would prefer to ignore. There is also the “green energy” plant that has been burning for the past week:

A fire at a Doral, Florida waste-to-energy plant continued burning as officials announced school dismissal plans, closed parks, and urged residents to stay indoors, multiple outlets reported. …

“Out of an abundance of caution. . .we’re recommending that all residents [in the immediate area] remain indoors today,” Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said in a multi-agency press conference Friday. Levine Cava emphasized that people with respiratory conditions, older adults, young children, and expectant mothers should be particularly cautious.

High measures of particulates have been measured in the air.

The fire at Doral’s trash incinerator broke out on Sunday, February 12, according county officials. …

The 40-year-old Covanta Energy plant burns more than 800,000 tons of garbage annually and handles about 40% of Miami-Dade County’s garbage…

The garbage must be piling up uncontrollably. What could be more emblematic of current times?

“The key message to the community with regard to safety and keeping people well is avoidance of the smoke wherever possible,” said Jackson Memorial Hospital chief medical officer Hany Atallah…

That advice would also apply to East Palestine, where the smoke was deliberately created in a controlled burn of toxic chemicals spilled in a train derailment. State Senator Michael Rulli urges those stuck within 10 miles of the catastrophe not to drink or bathe in the water.

Meanwhile, the bumbling green fascists in charge tell us they have to micromanage our lives and fling hundreds of $billions at alternative energy boondoggles because according to their ideology it will serve the sacred environment by preventing the climate from fluctuating.

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