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Nov 01 2022

Greta Thunberg Calls for Overthrow of Capitalist System

The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution — that is, the attainment of absolute power by leftists. The mild, unavoidable climate fluctuation that liberals shriek is a threat to life on earth is not the problem. The problem is that they can dupe the gullible into believing they can control the weather if only given enough power. They want us to abandon the economic freedom that has pulled hundreds of millions out of poverty in favor of a centrally controlled economy of the type that collapsed in the Soviet Union. Climate cult oracle Greta Thunberg confirmed it Sunday night at London’s Royal Festival Hall:

There is no “back to normal”, she told us. “Normal” was the “system” which gave us the climate crisis, a system of “colonialism, imperialism, oppression, genocide”, of “racist, oppressive extractionism”. Climate justice is part of all justice; you can’t have one without the others.

True enough; moonbattery is a package deal. You have to buy the whole thing, not just climate hysteria but neo-Marxism, antiwhite race hate, sexual depravity, transsexualized children, abortion, et cetera, all adding up to globalist, omnipresent, omnipotent government run by depraved maniacs who hate you. Either buy the whole package or fight it with every breath while you still can.

According to Saint Greta,

COP [Conference of the Parties, a series of Liberal World Order climate conferences] itself is little more than a “scam” which facilitates “greenwashing, lying and cheating”. Only overthrow of “the whole capitalist system” will suffice.

The logic is simple. Freedom allows for economic growth. Economic growth makes it be too hot outside. Therefore…

It is hardly surprising that Greta thinks this way given how closely tied environmental activism has become with the more experimental end of the modern Left. … [L]ike the bulk of her generation, she has lost any faith in the gradualist, establishment Left’s power to change things.

For decades, we have been calling environmentalists watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside. Greta confirms that enviromoonbattery is just a marketing campaign for revolutionary communism.

She isn’t the first to confirm it. As noted at Summit News:

In 2019, Stuart Basden revealed the true goals of the far-left environmentalist action group in a lengthy article posted on Medium.

Basden asserted that whatever climate problems exist can’t be fixed and that the movement should instead be focused on tearing down the entire system of western capitalism (China, the world’s biggest polluter, isn’t mentioned once).

China is ignored because Basden is more interested in destroying Western civilization than in any quixotic quest to control the weather by limiting pollution.

He claimed that “European civilisation” is to blame for spreading “cruelty” and “violence” throughout the globe for the last 600 years and bringing “torture, genocide, carnage and suffering to the ends of the earth.”

Basden then cited numerous “delusions” which are to blame for this situation, including “white supremacy,” “patriarchy” and “class hierarchy” (a strange one given that most Extinction Rebellion protesters are upper middle class snobs who do little but inconvenience and harm the working class).

The agenda has as much to do with the sexual perversion that is so precious to leftists as it does with the climate.

“The delusions of hetero-sexism/heteronormativity propagate the idea that heterosexuality is ‘normal’ and that other expressions of sexuality are deviant,” writes Basden.

The global warming hoax is a Trojan horse filled with a demonic swarm of everything leftists in their malice want to inflict on the world for the sake of their power trip.

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