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Dec 12 2020

Gretchen Whitmer Defends Cynthia Johnson

Michigan State Representative Cynthia Johnson (D-Detroit) is even scarier than we knew. When she issued a public call for her supporters “who are soldiers” to come after “Trumpers” and “make them pay,” it appeared obvious that she was siccing Black Lives Matter goons on her critics. But she has a supporter who might do worse than toss a Molotov cocktail through your front window. Michigan Gauleiter Gretchen Whitmer, infamous for the ruthlessness with which she inflicts arbitrary coronavirus decrees, has Johnson’s back.

Johnson’s perceived call for violence resulted in a wrist slap:

Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox accused Johnson of inciting violence. House Speaker Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, and House Speaker-elect Jason Wentworth, R-Clare, subsequently announced Johnson would be stripped of her committee assignments, adding Johnson could face “further disciplinary action as the proper authorities conduct their own investigations.”

Even that was too much for Whitmer:

“I think that removing her from her committees is too far, truly, and I’ve reached out and asked the incoming House leadership to reconsider that,” she said.

The signal has been broadcast loud and clear. In Michigan, Democrat leadership has no problem with pols conducting themselves as if America were some tinpot dictatorship in a remote Third World backwater. If the Governor approves of issuing marching orders to an army of street thugs who have already caused $billions in damage with hundreds of riots in the course of this year, pulling out fingernails might be next.

Johnson said she didn’t mean to threaten Trump supporters, but she also doesn’t regret her words. Instead, Johnson said she’s owed an apology from GOP leaders.

If she doesn’t get one…

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