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Dec 09 2021

Grooming LGBT Son Wins Massive TikTok Following

The LGBT agenda is destroying more than women’s sports. It has been applied methodically to destroy children’s innocence.

This isn’t about loving children for “who they are.” It is about pressuring them into becoming who sick people want them to be. It is about grooming.

Our degenerate ruling class has managed to herd the bovine masses into going along with this:

They’re coming for our children, all right.

We may not be able to imagine anything more depraved than molding small children into transsexuals, but progressives can. Whatever it is, in the absence of sufficient resistance, they will impose it. Continuing to lose the Culture War is unthinkable.

On a tip from Jester.


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2 Responses to “Grooming LGBT Son Wins Massive TikTok Following”

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