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Dec 08 2023

Habitat for Homosexuals

No one who remembers the association between Habitat for Humanity and Jimmy Carter will be surprised to hear the former has been pushing the liberal agenda:

Habitat for Humanity in Charlotte has played an integral role in creating affordable housing options across the city…

All well and good — except for this emphasis:

One of the builds from 2016 aimed to partner with a local LGBTQ+ organization known as the Plus Collective — then called the Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund — to build a home for a mother of four in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood. …

[O]ther Habitats across the state have started and continued Pride builds, utilizing partnership models similar to the one between the Lesbian and Gay Fund and Charlotte’s Habitat.

One of the perks of belonging to an “oppressed” group favored by the liberal establishment is priority for housing.

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian, faith-based organization, which has a very different background than most organizations who work with LGBTQ+ folks.

This won’t be true for long if they let their organization be subverted and subordinated to moonbattery.

Jeremy Hall is the Director of Development at Charlotte’s Habitat… He said he felt it was important for Habitat to step up and take on Pride-centric projects, especially given its reputation as a faith-based organization.

The reputation does not sit well with Jeremy:

“[We felt] participating in a rainbow build will help to dismantle some of those belief systems that keep people from getting involved.”

The apparent reference is to belief systems based on the Bible, which sternly and repeatedly characterizes as grievous sin the behavior the Alphabet People choose to use to define themselves.

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