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Apr 26 2021

Hate Hoax Arson at Viterbo University

Our new national ideology, critical race theory, is so phony that most of the evidence supporting it consists of hate hoaxes. These have escalated to the point they could get people killed. Wisconsin’s La Crosse Tribune provides an example:

A Viterbo University student who said she was a victim of two recent racist incidents on campus has been accused of starting a fire in a residence hall April 18 and framing it as a hate crime.

Victoria C. Unanka was released on a signature bond [last] Monday after La Crosse police arrested her for arson and negligent handling of burning materials.

It would be reasonable to assume that Victoria’s earlier brushes with racism were also hoaxes.

Every hate hoax is investigated with the seriousness of a murder. Once again this proved to be the undoing of the hoaxer:

A La Crosse Police Department report says Unanka was identified on surveillance video that had recently been installed after reports of racist and threatening graffiti.

After starting the fire in the middle of the night,

Unanka frantically knocked on multiple residents’ doors and pulled a fire alarm. When police arrived at the scene, several students were discussing concerns that the fire was another hate crime incident.

A residential adviser told police that Unanka texted a friend that she was potentially a victim of another hate crime because the fire was started next to her dorm room.

When her initial version of events was contradicted by the video, she admitted to purposefully starting the fire.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Unanka reportedly told police she was frustrated that “no one was listening to me anymore.”

For members of the ruling class’s favorite oppressed identity group, there is one sure way to get attention: be a victim of racism.

It had worked for her before. A campus protest was inspired by illiterate graffiti such as “Your ugly black girl I’m not joking.”

According to an organizer,

“Two times in a row her door was vandalized with some really hateful speech, telling her to leave the campus, that she wasn’t welcome here, that she was ugly based off the color of her skin.”

Several hundred turned out to take a bold stand against racism. No doubt some of these same people might have been killed had the fire not been contained. But we aren’t likely to see any protests against hate hoaxers setting dorms on fire.

On a tip from Brian Brandt. Hat tip: Western Journal.


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