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Apr 09 2021

Hate Hoax at Albion College

Even now that proponents of their ideology control every significant lever of power, moonbats continue to feel compelled to prop up that ideology with hoaxes. In Michigan, racist graffiti was found in an Albion College dorm last weekend; the suspect is a student:

Albion police brought the 21-year-old Black male in for questioning on April 6, according to Chief Scott Kipp. The student admitted to creating most of the graffiti, and video evidence from Albion’s Campus Safety Department confirms the statements made by the student, Kipp said.

Racist graffiti tends to be produced by members of the race targeted. References to the KKK, which exists mainly in the fevered imagination of the woke, give the game away.

The graffiti, which included racist epithets and multiple references to the Klu Klux Klan, was discovered in a stairwell inside Mitchell Towers on Friday, April 2, university officials said. Pictures of the graffiti were posted by City Watch NEWS Group on its Facebook page.

The revelation that it was yet another hoax is likely to get less prominent news coverage. Moonbats keep on and on with the hoaxes because hoaxes will continue to work so long as likeminded liberals control the media and the schools.

Sympathetic educrats provided the predictable spin:

“We know the acts of racism that have occurred this week are not about one particular person or one particular incident. We know that there is a significant history of racial pain and trauma on campus and we are taking action to repair our community,” college officials tweeted. “We will change and heal together as a community, because we are committed to doing the work.”

Imagine how quickly an educrat would get canceled for tweeting something honest, such as, “Yet again we see that racial oppression is fabricated for nefarious reasons and that the liberal race narrative is based on lies.”

On tips from Chris Neilson, ABC of the ANC, and Steve S.


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