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Dec 07 2022

Historically Black College and University Bomb Threats

Pillars of the establishment like the FBI have been absorbed into the radical left during the Long March Through the Institutions. This means that, as with the liberal media, it is usually safe to make certain assumptions. An example is the recent rash of bomb threats targeting Historically Black Colleges and Universities:

On November 14 — six days after the midterm elections — USA Today reported a senior FBI official said the “bulk of the threats leveled against historically Black colleges earlier this year are believed to be linked to a single juvenile who has been prosecuted as a minor by state authorities.”

The agency’s admission raised more questions than it answered. What the feds have not said is:

The race of the suspect
The motive of the suspect
When the suspect was charged
What state was the suspect charged in
Why the agency did not charge the suspect as an adult after terrorizing HBCUs

And perhaps most importantly: Why didn’t the agency share the results of the investigation far sooner than a few days after the midterm elections — and after multiple requests from Congressional Republicans and Democrats?

If the suspect where a right-wing white guy, we would know everything down to his shoe size, juvenile or not.

Why is the Deep State so tight-lipped? Try this theory:

[T]he Department of Homeland Security and the FBI knew this juvenile was not a credible threat and was not part of a white supremacy group — however they continued to use this HBCU bomb threat story to promote a political narrative that “white supremacy is the greatest threat to the homeland” for eight months leading up to the November 8 election.

The phoniness and weaponized victimhood of hate hoaxes make them the quintessence of Democrat politics. Why wouldn’t the DHS, FBI, and Biden Regime take part by deliberately leaving one undebunked?

Maybe the juvenile responsible really is one of the fabled white supremacists Democrats demagogue about. However,

If he was, it’s hard to believe the FBI would protect him and go to such great lengths to stymie Congressional inquiries and hide his identity. Their secrecy lends credence to the assumption this might have been a false-flag operation by someone seeking to create a narrative.

If a story like this vanishes without a trace, it is because the Democrat Party/establishment media/security state have determined that it does not help advance their agenda.

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