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Nov 05 2023

Holiday in Cuba

The punk band Dead Kennedys was woke, but the lyrics to the song “Holiday in Cambodia” suggest even they understood where leftism leads. For all his moonbattery, Jello Biafra would know better than to take a holiday in Cuba:

Deanna Lang was hoping for at least a little bit of relaxation when she jetted to Cuba for a beach vacation with her mother and her five sons in April.

Instead, the Winnipeg woman claims cockroaches, filthy guest areas and thefts of children’s belongings from her room ruined their weeklong stay at a Sunwing Vacations resort.

She is suing for the $8,000 she wasted on a vacation to socialist hell.

“I feel I literally had my pockets robbed,” wails Lang.

Welcome to socialism. At least she didn’t end up with her head on a stake, like in the song.

Vacation in a totalitarian country that lobbied the Soviet Union to launch a nuclear attack on the USA and you can’t expect much sympathy, even in Canada. Maybe she could get her case heard in Hollywood.

Soon Canadians who want to holiday in Cuba won’t have to spend $8,000. At the current rate of decay, it won’t take long for Justin Trudeau (rumored to be the illegitimate offspring of Fidel Castro) to reduce Canada to Cuba North — just like the original except without the nice weather.

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